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Weathering the Winter

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Weathering the Winter
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Tour de France
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Weathering the Winter With Pip Taylor International Triathlete and Nutritionist

triathletesWinter represents an ideal opportunity for summer-season individuals and athletes to work on weaknesses as well as enjoy some well-deserved down-time. Cold weather can also present some challenges in terms of training and nutrition. One common scenario is that summer individuals and athletes have a period of less structured or less intense training – not motivated by the urgency of being in summer clothes or a looming race and instead enticed by the warmth of a doona on a cool winter morning. Comfort extends to food choices and, for some, can lead to unintentional weight gain. A little is fine and even healthy but too much and your job just becomes harder when it’s time to get in shape again. Cold weather boosts energy requirements due to increased metabolic functions linked to heat loss. No matter your focus this winter, feed your body well to make sure it is in prime condition when the summer season rolls around again. Read tips and recipes by professional triathlete Pip Taylor Stay hydrated: In the summer heat we sweat lots and this visible loss of water and readily apparent rising body heat prompts us to stay on top of hydration (usually). But cool weather can be deceptive. How many times have you returned from a winter workout to find you haven’t touched your drink bottle at all?

Instead of stoking the fire with calories if they’re not needed, fill up on warm, comforting soups, nourishing stews and warming, roasted winter fruits for desserts.
And yet we can easily become dehydrated in winter. Maintaining hydration will help those training hard to recover well, and keeping up fluids will also help the less active keep o! unwanted kilos – thirst signals can often be confused with hunger. Try and go with fluids that are palatable. This might mean that hot drinks are more frequent option – hot teas, hot chocolates for post workout recovery treats and hot soups are all good options.


Stay warm: Use your nutrition to help you stay warm. Don’t back out of a session just because it’s a little cool out. Again, eating small frequent snacks while out in the cold helps to generate body heat as metabolism is fired each time. Take a spare – snack that is – when working out: Children and smaller-framed athletes especially will lose body heat more quickly due to larger surface areas and often lower body fat levels. This loss of heat spurs on metabolism, so extra energy is burnt in the effort to stay warm. Pack an extra snack on those long rides or runs or have something as back-up un your workout bag or car. Be smart: Being cold makes you hungrier. Sometimes, though, that hunger is over and above what your needs are. Instead of stoking the fire with calories if they’re not needed, fill up on warm, comforting soups, nourishing stews and warming roasted winter fruits for desserts. Get some sunshine: Lack of vitamin D is associated with depressed mood, which has the potential to lead to bored emotional eating and especially craving  high-carb comfort food. Winter weight gain is pretty common but you can keep it in check by staying active, staying hydrated and warm and getting out into some winter sunshine and soaking up that vitamin D.


Tour de France, 5th July to 27th July

The Greatest Race on Earth

Only 14 days until the start of le Tour de France. Who is going to win this year? Will Froome get the double or will it be a young up and comer? To celebrate the greatest Cycle Race in the world Cycle & Fitness Studio will have tour themed classes and a number of events and special offers in the studio during the month of July. Classes – Ride the stage that day and watch it that night. Each Pedal Power class will follow the stage profile with heart pumping music to keep you motivated. Live streaming on the big screen – thanks to Brookvale Bike Factory you will be able to come watch the tour live on our 120” big screen. Get a few sneaky km’s in on the bike while you watch or BYO chair and enjoy some complimentary drinks and nibbles.

Brookvale Bike Factory

  • Stage 5 – Ypres / Arenberg Porte du Hainaut Wednesday 9 July
  • Stage 18 – Pau / Hautacam Thursday 28 July


How many classes can you do while the tour is on? The coveted Yellow jersey is up for grabs at the end of the month for the member that participated in the most number of classes throughout the month of July*. Dynamic, Pedal Power, Pilates, they are all included! *if there is a tie for the winner we will take a look at the month of June and when you joined and take this into consideration.

Special Offer

Purchase any membership and get 50% of the first two months or purchase any 10 or 20 pack and get an extra free class**

**50% for new memberships only, FREE class with 10/20 pack available to all customers

Wet Weather Just Ride + Sunday Class

Wet Weather Rides at Cycle & Fitness Studio

A reminder that when it is raining you don’t have to miss a ride or session. We will open the studio Saturdays 7am – 8am and Sundays 7am – 11am if it is raining so you can come get some km’s in! Register your email or mobile number here to be notified when the studio is open. We are also looking to schedule a regular Sunday Class at 8am if there is enough interest. Please register your interest here. Those who come for the Wet Weather Just Ride will be more than welcome to stay during the class and join in.


Healthy Heights Partner Offer

Own Brand Organic Protein Powders coming in July!! Original Formula – add your own Organic Vanilla Powder or 100% pure organic Cacao (packed full of goodness) Special discounts for Cycle & Fitness Studio customers[/column_two_thirds][column_third_last] [/column_third_last]

Protein, The Scoop

There are endless protein supplements on the market, and as gym goers (or more correctly cycle-studio-goers), chances are you may already be using one as part of your nutritional routine. We at Healthy Heights thought you may like to know some more info on the subject…click here Functions of protein:

  • Protein is present in every cell in the body, and is required for tissue repair and maintenance, energy production, hormone and enzyme synthesis, molecular transportation and storage, and immune function.

Food sources:

  • Meat, fish, eggs, grains and legumes, nuts, seeds, etc.

How much do I need?

  • Your dietary protein requirements depend on weight, age and general health.

A rough guide is:

  • 0.75 g of protein/kg of body weight for adult women
  • 0.84 g of protein/kg of body weight for adult men
  • 1 g of protein/kg of body weight for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and men or women 70yrs+.

Why supplement?

  • Many people chose to use a protein supplement if they have inadequate dietary intake, or to optimise effects of exercise and training. Supplemental protein post-exercise (combined with carbohydrate) may help maximise muscle growth and repair, required for muscle and strength gain.

Whey vs Pea, What’s best for me?

  • Whey protein is a by-product of cheese making. Being animal sourced, it’s a complete protein meaning it has a complete essential amino acid profile. Whey is fast acting in the body.
  • Pea protein is plant-based and so is not a complete protein source. It is slower acting in the body and keeps you feeling fuller for longer than Whey protein. It is a suitable alternative for those wishing to avoid dairy due to intolerance or personal reasons.

Protein concentrate vs isolate, what’s the difference? [column_third]

Protein Concentrates

Lower amount of protein/100g Less manufacturing (Higher lactose content than WPI’s) More cost effective than WPI’s[/column_third][column_third_last]

Protein Isolates

Higher amount of protein/100g More manufacturing (Lower lactose content than WPC’s) More expensive than WPC’s[/column_third_last]At Healthy Heights we offer: – An organic pea protein Isolate formula (83.6g protein/100g), naturally flavoured and sweetened. – 100% pure whey protein isolate – 100% pure whey protein concentrate – Organic cacao or vanilla bean powder to flavour your pure protein powder, ensuring great taste while avoiding the nasties and artificial sweeteners so commonly found in protein supplements. Pop in to see us for any questions, or to source any of the products listed above. For further details contact Sarah Poulton, Naturopath Healthy Heights 71 New St West, Balgowlah Heights 2093, NSW.