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The Wattbike was developed by British Cycling as their secret weapon leading up to the Beijing and London Olympics. It is the only stationary bike in the market that will provide an accurate power measure and pedalling technique analysis

Training with power

Power is the amount of work done / energy released in a measured time frame, normally expressed as a watt. Power unlike HR is not affected by such things as caffeine, humidity, and is an accurate measure of your performance at that moment in time. Combine the use of HR with power to monitor fatigue and watch your power increase overtime while sitting at the same HR

Improve Pedalling Efficiency

The Polar View on the Wattbike monitor shows the force applied to the pedals and the position of the pedals when applying the force on both the left and right leg. The Polar View will highlight any imbalance in the left and right leg and momentum between the drive (push phase) and pull motion of the left and right leg