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Welcome, you have taken the first step in taking your cycling fitness to an entirely different level! Our classes are perfect for the elite rider, road cyclist, mountain biker and sportive ride participant.

Now look we get asked all the time why would anyone bother to ride indoors on a stationary bike when they can ride outdoors on a real bike? Keep reading:

Time Efficiency – we live in a busy world and don’t all get the time to ride for hours a day. A 45 minute session indoors is equivalent to a 90 minute session outdoors. There are not many places on the Northern Beaches where you could perform interval training safely and effectively. Indoors you can go harder for longer without the worry of cars, lights, glass on the road or kangaroos bounding in front of you

Targeted Training – but in saying that if you did have the time to ride 90 + minutes outdoors you could be wasting your time, you could be clocking up ‘junk miles’. If you constantly ride with a big group of different levels you could be over or under training. Or if you are not using a power meter or HR monitor to train in the correct zone, again your could be over or under training

Makes the outdoor rides more enjoyable – A few sessions on the Wattbike a week will boost your threshold* (overall fitness), pedalling technique and make what precious time you have for your weekend outdoor ride more enjoyable, GUARANTEED. Just ask some of our members…

*your threshold or FTP is the level of exertion your body can handle for an hour before it can no longer shift lactic acid faster than it accumulates, resulting in the muscles being unable to contract. An important measurement every Cyclist should train to

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