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NeuroBalance Chiropractic Clinic at Cycle Studio

Cycle & Fitness studio is gearing up for summer and as part of our commitment to you and your health we have organized a great deal for you.


Recently, one of our team members went to NeuroBalance Chiropractic clinic for a knee issue and was very happy with the service he received. The Chiropractor sat down with him and discussed his reasons for the consult, and underwent comprehensive tests and an exam to formulate where his key weaknesses were and develop an effective treatment plan for him to eliminate the knee issue.


The service was first rate and the Chiropractors at the practice were all extremely competent. The Chiropractor showed our team member how to best manage an old injury, set up a comprehensive rehab programme and perhaps more importantly (!!) get more out of his sessions on the bike.


We believe that this is the type of practice that we want to have associated with our studio so we spoke to Dr Rachael Veronesi (Prinipal Chiropractor at NeuroBalance Chiropractic) and arranged a deal between her practice and Cycle & Fitness Studio. We agreed on the following deal:


Any member that requires Chiropractic care or would like an assessment done or would like a consult as apart of their training will receive their first consult (valued at $130) for FREE (i.e. no out of pocket expenses for you). The studio has agreed to cover any out of pocket expenses that are incurred by our members for this consult, in order to say “thank-you” to you, and to make sure that you all get the best care possible and keep on peddling on.


You can give NeuroBalance Chiropractic a call or email and she and her experienced team will take special care of you. Just mention Cycle & Fitness Studio and you will receive the $130 initial consult for FREE, courtesy of the arrangement we have made for you. Dr Rachael has only asked that you take with you your health fund card (if you have one) – only the rebate will be charged. There will be no gap!


For more information you can contact NeuroBalance Chiropractic directly or speak to Jeremy or Simon.


NeuroBalance Chiropractic can be reached on 02 9938 5456 Monday through Saturday from 8.00 am or at info@neurobalancechiropractic.com.au.

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