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H.I.I.T High Intensity Interval Training

H.I.I.T High Intensity Interval Training


As you may have seen on fitness programs or read in fitness magazine articles, H.I.I.T is what everyone is talking about.

What is H.I.I.T?

It stands for High Intensity Interval Training. In a nutshell, after a sufficient warm up short high intensity intervals are performed followed by a longer recovery. This type of training has become the most popular way of training for two reasons: It is highly time efficient for you time poor individuals and it is proven to work. It has the most “bang for your buck”.

How does it work?

The body’s initial response to this training is very drastic, mainly because you have just changed the way you train. The intensity of the work out will set the tone for the results gained from interval training as you are now pushing your body harder then you ever have done before. The body has a fantastic ability to adapt to the training stress you apply.

From a cardiovascular perspective it increases your stroke volume of your heart (the amount of blood pumped per minute) and heart contractility (the forcefulness of each heart contraction) for the short period which increases the amount of oxygen to your muscles. Oxygen is essential in the production of energy. Studies have also shown H.I.I.T to increase VO2 max by 15% over 8 weeks as opposed to 9% for endurance training. VO2 is considered the body’s upper limit for consuming, distributing and using oxygen for energy production.

Muscularly H.I.I.T increases the size and number of the energy producing cells (mitchondria) in the muscles. Increased size and number means more energy to the working muscles to sustain higher forces for longer periods. This adaptation will also affect the metabolism. After a session your oxygen consumption will be elevated (therefore you calorie burner will be elevated) which will translate into continued calorie burning long after you have stopped the session.

Who doesn’t want more energy!

CycleStudio and H.I.I.T.

At Cycle Studio we train you through high intensity intervals or efforts on the Wattbike followed by a rest period for a duration of 45minutes. We can measure the intensity you create in each interval through the display of power on your bikes monitor. This way your intensity is consistent throughout each interval ensuring you get the most out of the session and train efficiently. It is also possible to scale the intensity to suit beginners to more advanced riders.

Interval training is perfect for those who do not like, or who are not used to, training at the same intensity for a long period! In saying that it still has just as many benefits for the endurance athlete who is used to training at the same intensity for long periods.

So by training you at a higher intensity at Cycle Studio we can improve your

  • Metabolic rate – burn more calories even after your session
  • Cardiovascular health and capacity – healthier heart and not as breathless
  • The ability to improve your lactic threshold – not feel that burning sensation in your legs as quickly
  • Efficiency improvement for endurance events (and to keep up with the kids or grandkids)
  • And finally for those riders out there we will increase your power so you can ride harder for longer and hopefully burn off your mates up the hill