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Health Eating to help avoid heart disease

Health Eating to help avoid heart disease

Too many people suffer from heart disease, particularly when we consider a good diet can prevent most of it. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should do to limit your chances of developing heart disease.

Portion control

Don’t overload your plate, don’t go for seconds, don’t eat until you are stuffed. A good diet follows the “Eat Well Plate”, with the right portions of the right foods. Go for food high in nutrients and low in calories and you will immediately start to be healthier.

Fruit and vegetables

A good diet is full of fruit and vegetables as a healthy foods. However, not all of them are good. If you want to avoid heart disease, stay away from:

Vegetables that have been fried or baked
Putting creamy sauces on your greens
Canned fruits in syrup (opt for water or natural juice)
Frozen fruit with added sugar
Whole grains all the way

Whole grains is healthy foods have lots of nutrients and fibres that help your body function properly. This means your blood pressure is more regulated, thereby reducing the chances of having heart disease. Stay away from refined grains and be adventurous. Try some barley, couscous or quinoa for a change.

Less Fat and Sugar

Last but not least, a good diet limits the amount of fat and sugar. Note the word “limit”. You should not stay away from fats and sugars altogether. You are allowed treats, for starters, and not all fats are unhealthy. Go for natural oils like olive or canola and opt for margarine with cholesterol lowering ingredients. The worst fats are the trans fats, followed by the saturated fats.

Make sure you read the labels on anything that you eat. Knowing what you actually consume and monitoring what you put in your body is a great way to become healthier and to lower how likely it is that you will develop heart disease, particularly if you have a family history or other genetic disposition for what is still the biggest killer in the world today.

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