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Essential Information

Wear comfy gym clothes (longer shorts or tights are preferable for the bike), bring towel and a water bottle. Our Wattbikes are also fitted with Shimano Mountain Bike SPD pedals and a few select bikes have Shimano Road SPD and Look Keo pedals

Our bikes are compatible with Suunto, Garmin, Magellan and un-coded Polar Heart Rate Monitors

To make your session more comfortable and to reduce the risk of injury correct set-up of the Wattbike is important. A basic fit only takes a couple of minutes and this can be done in your first class by one of our experience instructors. We will record your settings so you won’t have to remember

If you have your own measurements from your road or mountain bike please bring these with you and we can set the Wattbike up to suit you

All participants are required to fill in Stages 1 and 2 of the pre-exercise questionnaire click to open and download. We are committed to your health and safety and this enables us to modify the program to suit your needs or refer you to an allied health professional for a further assessment. Regular checks with a GP are important, so if you haven’t been to see your local GP in the past 12 months we encourage you to do so

Personal Training

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Why PT

• 1 on 1 attention or train with a friend

• Accountability & motivation

• Indoor and Outdoor training


Who is PT for

• New to exercise

• Those needing a little extra motivation

• Time poor men and women

• The results driven individual

• For those who want weight loss, a summer body,

• For those who want targeted training for an event like the City to Surf, Tough Mudder or their first Triathlon

What you get

• Health assessment

• Goal setting

• Nutrition review and advice

• Training program

• On-going support and assistance

PT Expert Hannah

Specialist personal trainer and a group exercise instructor in Circuit Training, Aqua aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, BoxFit, X-Bike & Watt Bike



EMAIL ME or call (02) 9949 3231

PT Expert Amy

With extensive experience of more than 10 years in the Industry with a strong background in group exercise and personal training.



EMAIL ME or call (02) 9949 3231

Sounds perfect to me, so how do I get started?

Step 1

Choose your Personal Trainer

Step 2

Give them a call or send them an email with your preferred times

Step 3

You will be booked in for your first session to set goals, have a fitness assessment and nutrition review

Step 4

Start the transformation you wont regret

Step 5

Follow up, review and implement the next phase of your transformation

Perfect, what’s the cost?

  • FREE first consultation and health analysis
  • Hour sessions from $50
  • Want to train with a friend? Only an extra $10 per person
  • Boost your results and add group classes from as little as $12.50 per week
The Wattbike

The Wattbike was developed by British Cycling as their secret weapon leading up to the Beijing and London Olympics. It is the only stationary bike in the market that will provide an accurate power measure and pedalling technique analysis



Power is the amount of work done / energy released in a measured time frame, normally expressed as a watt. Power unlike HR is not affected by such things as caffeine, humidity, and is an accurate measure of your performance at that moment in time. Combine the use of HR with power to monitor fatigue and watch your power increase overtime while sitting at the same HR



The Polar View on the Wattbike monitor shows the force applied to the pedals and the position of the pedals when applying the force on both the left and right leg. The Polar View will highlight any imbalance in the left and right leg and momentum between the drive (push phase) and pull motion of the left and right leg

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The Works

For those looking for that extra little help, support and the ultimate in training experiences we also offer:

Power Testing

Sub-max Ramp Test – this test is safe for all fitness levels and is designed to give you a benchmark power figure to train effectively and at your own intensity during the session. The test takes about 15 minutes and will stop once 85% of your max heart rate is reached. FREE for members

3 Minute Aerobic Test – this test is for the advanced Cycle & Fitness Studio goer and outdoor rider. It gives you a benchmark power figure for you to train effectively and at your own intensity during the session. This test is based on the British Cycling Protocol and it calculates your Max Minute Power (MMP) and maximum heart rate to calculate your power training zones (see Power Zones). The test takes about 35 minutes and maximal heart rate will be reached.  FREE for members

20 Minute Threshold Test or other testing protocols – we are more than happy to facilitate a 20 Minute Threshold test if you have the mental fortitude and will discuss options for other testing protocols as prescribed by your coach or trainer. FREE for members

Coaching Services

Cycle & Fitness Studio is currently involved with the Chocolate Foot Womens Development Mountain Bike Team. To learn more click here

We offer one off periodised programs for tours or sportive rides, participation triathlons and more ongoing program support for season riders / triathletes. Contact us for more information


What is a Power Card?

Each individual is different and has different reasons or goals when training. We believe the key to successfully reaching those goals is to train effectively and to your intensity. Each person will be provided with a generic power card based on their level of fitness when participating in a class and we encourage all to undertake either the sub-max ramp or 3 minute aerobic test to get their own zones.

Below is an explanation of the power zones

Training Zone % of Max Minute Power % of Max Heart Rate Purpose Physical Adaptations and Benefits to your Fitness
Recovery <35% <60% Regeneration and recovery Increase blood flow to muscles to flush out waste products and provide nutrients
Zone 1 35-45% 60-65% Establish base endurance Improves fat metabolism, gets muscles/tendons/ligaments/nerves used to cycling. Increase economy
Zone 2 45-55% 65-75% Improve efficiency Improves the ability to use oxygen, produce power and increases efficiency
Zone 3 55-65% 75-82% Improve sustainable power Improves carbohydrate metabolism, changes some fast twitch muscle to slow twitch
Zone 4 65-75% 82-89% Push threshold up Improves carbohydrate metabolism, develops lactate threshold, changes some fast twitch muscle to slow twitch
Zone 5 75-85% 89-94% Sustain a high percentage of maximal aerobic power Develops cardivascular system and VO2max, improves anaerobic energy production and speeds turnover of waste products
Zone 6 85-100% >94% Increase maximum power output
Supra-maximal >100% N/A Increase sprint power output Increases maximum muscle power, develops neural control of pedalling at specific cadence